Our Staff

Bill Willis  Principal [email protected]
Abril Ramirez Secretary [email protected]
Evie Ballesteros Health/Attendance Secretary [email protected]
 Evette Ramirez Teacher - KG [email protected]
 Vanessa Siegfried Teacher - KG [email protected]
Kalika Rasmussen Teacher - KG [email protected]
Clara Cordes Teacher - 1st Grade [email protected]
Mary Ann Disharoon Teacher - 1st Grade [email protected]
Rose Goodwin Teacher - 1st Grade [email protected]
Jennifer Dueñas Teacher - 2nd Grade [email protected]
Arman Sustal Teacher - 2nd Grade [email protected]
Tenaya Caterino Teacher - 2nd Grade [email protected]
Cindy Caballero Teacher - 3rd Grade [email protected]
 Andrea Arnold Teacher - 3rd Grade [email protected]
Mia Lam Teacher - 3rd Grade [email protected]
Deborah Pye Teacher - K-3 SDC [email protected]
Janel Cunningham Teacher - 3rd/4th Combo [email protected]
 Laura Palermo Teacher - 4th Grade [email protected]
Richard Sanchez Teacher - 4th Grade [email protected]
Melissa Ryan Teacher - 5th Grade [email protected]
Josie Garcia Teacher - 5th Grade [email protected]
Michael Maciejewski Teacher - 5th Grade [email protected]
Bill Ricketts Teacher - 6th Grade [email protected]
Elvene Alcos Teacher - 6th Grade [email protected]
Jesus Estrada Teacher - 6th Grade [email protected]
Daishanna Caul Teacher - 4-6 SDC [email protected]
 Allison Cometa Teacher - RSP  [email protected]
Massiel Miliano School Psychologist [email protected]
 Michael Brenchley Language, Speech, and Hearing Specialist [email protected]
 Anna Black-Hogins Counselor [email protected]
Andrea Leavitt Teacher - Music [email protected]
Sara Baldwin Teacher - Art [email protected]
Blake Zamora Teacher - PE [email protected]
Roberta Dickey Librarian [email protected]
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