Hilltop Behavioral Expectations and Discipline Policy

In order to foster a safe, supportive learning environment, all students are expected to follow school wide expectations.

Knights code of honor

I pledge never to say or do anything to hurt myself or anyone else, either physically or emotionally.

I will:

  • Respect myself, others and school property.
  • Keep my hands, feet and objects to myself.
  • Use kind words and appropriate language.
  • Follow safety rules - leave rocks, sticks, and other objects on the ground.
  • Be responsible for my choices.
  • I will tell an adult if our Code of Honor is being broken.

No place for hate pledge:

  • I promise to do my best to treat everyone fairly.
  • I promise to do my best to be kind to everyone-even if they are not like me.
  • If I see someone being hurt or bullied, I will report it to an adult.
  • Everyone should be able to feel safe and happy at school.
  • I want our school to be No Place for Hate.

All students are expected to:

  • Come to school each day, on time, ready to learn.
  • Walk on and around campus.
  • Respect the requests of Safety and Peace Patrols.
  • Stay in the classroom or on school grounds during school hours unless otherwise authorized.
  • Use restrooms properly.
  • Leave personal items (including toys, electronics, bicycles, skateboards, scooters, shoes with wheels), candy, and gum at home.
  • Follow Dressing for Safety Standards (see next page).

Prohibited items brought to school will be confiscated and kept at school until a parent picks them up.

Follow Breakfast/Lunch Arbor Rules:

  • Remain seated with your feet under the table.
  • Keep hands, feet, and objects to yourself.
  • Keep your voices at your tables.
  • Keep food on your tray.
  • Raise your hand to be dismissed.
  • Leave your area clean..

Follow Playground Rules

  • Play in designated areas using school playground equipment only.
  • Observe game and playground safety rules.
  • Show good sportsmanship..